Mail / Drop Off

  •  Print and fill out the Customer Data Sheet

  •  Gather the following documents:

    1.  Copy of your Valid and Legal Photo ID.  This can be any of the following:

      • State Issued Drivers License

      • Military ID

      • Passport

    2.  Copy of Social Security cards for the Tax Payer, Spouse (if applicable), and all Dependents on the Return

    3.  Copy of your Health Insurance Card

    4.  Income Documents:

      • W2 for all employers

      • All 1099 Forms

      • Self Employment

    5.  Expense Documents:

      • Home Mortgage Interest

      • Real Estate Taxes

      • Medical, Business, Education Expenses

      • Charitable Contributions (Cash and Non-Cash)

      • Tax preparation fees from the previous year

    6.  Any Letter you have received from the IRS

    7.  Any other documents you feel need to be addressed

  • Place the documents and Customer Data Sheet in an envelope and mail to the following address:

Penny Pinchers, LLC
2515 Washington Street NW
Huntsville, AL 35811